After moving to Berlin David Biene completed the reknown Lette Verein, school for photo design, in 2003, worked as an assistant for various photographers and started working as a freelance photographer already while being still in school. Parallel to working as a photographer, Biene is very active in Berlin’s cultural underground. He volunteered in the organisation of the internationally known independent art house „Tacheles“ and worked as a bartender and bouncer in the infamous „White Trash Fast Food“.

His main fields of photography are editorial and portrait photography, documentary, PR and advertising. David Biene’s first coffee table book „Hopped-Up“ was released in 2009.

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Exhibitions of David Biene

05.2019 Hopped-Up. solo exhibition, 3 months, Rocknpop Museum, Gronau, Deutschland 

05.2016 OFFstage & Hopped-Up. solo exhibition, 1 month, Galerie Sevenstar, Berlin, Deutschland 

08.2016 The Rollin‘ Eyes Show. group exhibition, 2 days, Pure and Crafted, Berlin, Deutschland 

05.2016 OFFstage. solo exhibition, 2 weeks, Galerie Fata Morgana, Berlin, Deutschland 

05.2016 Hopped-Up. solo exhibition, 2 months, Galerie Blaues Tor, Wünsdorf, Deutschland 

09.2010 Hopped-Up. Presentation, Deichtorhallen/ Haus der Fotografie, Hamburg, Deutschland 

09.2010 Hopped-Up. Lecture and Presentation, Photokina Köln, Deutschland 

04.2010 Hopped-Up. solo exhibition, 1 week, Künstlerverein Brause, Düsseldorf, Deutschland 

02.2010 Hopped-Up. solo exhibition, 6 weeks, PROUD gallery, London, UK 

01.2010 Hopped-Up. solo exhibition, 1 week, Galerie Lucas Carrieri, Berlin, Deutschland 

06.2009 Hopped-Up. Book launch & solo exhibition, White Trash Fast Food, Berlin, Deutschland 

03.2006 triggertriggerSHOOT!!. solo exhibition, 1 month, Galerie Knoth’n’Krueger, Berlin, Deutschland 

12.2005 Junge Deutsche Fotografie. group exhibition, 1 month, Tokyo, Japan 

11.2003 Bi-rout. group exhibition, 2 weeks, Goethe Institut, Beirut, Libanon

06.2003 2magenta. group exhibition, 1 week, Potsd.Platz Kolonaden, Berlin, Deutschland 

12.2002 Kunstintervention. group exhibition, Chacabuco, Chile


Exhibitions curated by David Biene

since 2017 The Motocycle Pow Wow. monthly event containing live concerts, lectures and exhibitions, Fiese Remise, Berlin, Deutschland (Learn more: website Vimeo Instagram )

05.2019 Extravaganza Lowbrow art show with 25 international artists as part of „Kustom Kulture Forever“, Herten, Deutschland (watch video on Vimeo )

05.2018 Extravaganza Lowbrow art show with 30 international artists as part of „Kustom Kulture Forever“, Herten, Deutschland (watch video on Vimeo )

08.2016 The Rollin‘ Eyes Show, group exhibition with 10 international photographers, as part of „Pure and Crafted“ Festival, Berlin, Deutschland 

06.2003 2magenta. group exhibition, Potsdamer Platz Kolonaden, Berlin, Deutschland