Berlin/Germany 23.08.2010
website design david biene
website programming matthias seidel

1978 born
1998 move to Berlin
1999 art history studies, FU Berlin
1998-99 internships in TV& movie productions
1999-03 assistances at div photographers
2000-03 school for photodesign Lette Verein degree in photodesign
2002- working as freelance photographer
2005-08 curator at Kunsthaus Tacheles Berlin
2009 release of first coffeetable book Hopped-Up


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selected exhibitions:

09.2010 Hopped-Up. book presentation.
Deichtorhallen/ Haus d Fotografie, Hamburg
09.2010 david biene/ Hopped-Up. public discussion. Photokina
04.2010 Hopped-Up is awarded with the MPC book award 2010, category people.
04.2010 Hopped-Up. single exhibition.
Brause, Duesseldorf
02.2010 Hopped-Up. single exhibition.
PROUD gallery, London, UK
01.2010 Hopped-Up. single exhibition.
Galerie Lucas Carrieri, Berlin
06.2009 Hopped-Up. book launch exhibition.
White Trash Fast Food, Berlin
03.2006 triggertriggerSHOOT!! single exhibition.
Galerie Knoth'n'Krueger, Berlin
12.2005 Junge Deutsche Fotografie group exhibition.
curator: G. Hashigushi. Tokyo, Japan
11.2003 Bi-rout. Traces Of The Wall. group exhibition.
Goethe Institut. Beirut, Lebanon
06.2003 2magenta graduation exhibition. Lette Verein.
Potsdamer Platz Kolonaden, Berlin
12.2002 Kunstintervention. From Her To Eternity. group exhibition.
Chacabuco, Chile
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